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Vegan Restaurants Gaining Popularity in Las Vegas

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Reinette LeJeune

For vegan eaters, options at most restaurants can often be scant, however, with the growing rise of veganism, cities are seeing more and more restaurants catering to vegan appetites as time marches forward. Las Vegas is no exception, as visitors and residents alike are witnessing the growing trend in and around The Strip. Below are five restaurants offering vegan menus, ranging from affordable to high end for any who may be craving something…beyond. 

Garden Grill

Starting as a pop-up nearly a decade ago, Garden Grill has surely become a favorite amongst Las Vegas vegans. Thanks to the cult following the restaurant amassed in those early days, it was able to open permanent doors years later as a brick and mortar. Newcomers should start off with some sides of beer-battered mushrooms and carne asada fries, made with plant-based steak, before moving to their entrees – crispy fried chick’n with juicy meat in a variety of options: a fried chick’n sandwich, buffalo sandwich, Nashville Hot, and even a bucket o’chick’n. But don’t forget to save room for dessert like their soft-serve cone dipped in butterscotch.


A restaurant quickly expanding its reach across Las Vegas (and for good reason) in only four years with four locations, it boasts itself to have “the largest selection of plant-based tacos in the universe.” From the spiced mushroom asada to the juicy jackfruit birria complete with consomme – they even offer the “World’s Largest Vegan Taco” the length of one’s forearm and stuffed with all the taco fixings you could ask for. They also offer a variety of burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, cauliflower ceviche, and sweet eats like arroz con leche and coconut cake. 


If you’re growing tired of all the various meat substitutes, try out this restaurant that puts its veggies front and center. Tossing aside the meat substitutes of convention, Chikyu instead spotlights the versatility of its fruits and vegetables through sushi rolls, sashimi, ramen, and more. It’s also one of the few vegan restaurants that offers alcohol – specifically sake. 

Barry’s Downtown Prime

Craving some steakhouse delights? Barry’s is an upscale restaurant in Crica Las Vegas Downtown with plenty of steak and seafood options for the meat-eaters in your party, alongside equally delicious vegan dishes like the truffle meatloaf. They even offer vegan desserts – like the rich, chocolate cake bathed in berries or the creamy house-made cheesecake. 

Crossroads Kitchen

One of the only vegan restaurants located on The Strip, this high-end eatery rivals even the celebrity-chef white tablecloth spots. They offer a variety of dishes from pasta to pizza to eggplant filets, vegan caviar with house-made chips, and even a chestnut foie gras. Bring your non-vegan friends and loved ones to introduce them to the magical possibilities of veganized dishes like their hearty lasagna bolognese – or arrive in time for their weekend brunch options like stuffed french toast or plant based chicken and waffles. But do keep in mind that it’s an upscale joint, meaning you will be paying more than you would off The Strip.