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Nevada pols react to Trump guilty verdict


Hugh Jackson and Dana Gentry, Nevada Current
May 30, 2024

Several Nevada candidates and elected officials issued statements – and several didn’t – following the announcement Thursday that a New York jury found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up payments to a porn star to keep her quiet before the 2016 election.


Among Democrats issuing statements Thursday afternoon, a common refrain was that no one is above the law:

U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto:  “We know that Donald Trump is willing to do anything to protect his own interests, including undermining our elections. No one is above the law, and I’m glad to see justice served today.”

U.S. Rep. Dina Titus: “For the first time in our nation’s history, a former President is found guilty of committing multiple felonies. 

Today our justice system has proven that Donald Trump, a twice-impeached, four-times indicted, morally bankrupt individual is not above the law.”

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford: “Today’s verdict is a win for our justice system and a signal that no one is above the law, not even former presidents. At the core of our country’s legal system is the idea that a person must be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their political career.”

“I applaud Judge Juan Merchan’s oversight of this trial and his pursuit of the rule of law. I know emotions may run high in the aftermath of this verdict, and I urge everyone to remain calm as our justice system continues its work.”


The common refrain among Republican candidates and elected officials who issued statements was an echo of the allegations Trump has been making, without evidence, that the New York trial was politically motivated to hurt his campaign for president.

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo: “I respect the work of the jury but believe that this has been a political witch-hunt in a hostile courtroom. The rule of law should always be applied fairly and without prejudice. President Trump will have an opportunity to appeal, and I expect an unbiased process will vindicate President Trump.” 

U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei: “It’s now pretty clear that politics are the major motivator in the Manhattan DA’s office. If you think justice is blind in New York City, better think again. It is an embarrassing and sad day for a Country that has for hundreds of years operated on the premise that prosecutions and politics should never be mixed.

Well, those two things have been put in a blender in Manhattan, and I think the end result will reenergize the Trump campaign and take it to new achievement heights. Stay out of New York State if you don’t agree with the left’s political views.”

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown: “First, they tried to keep Donald Trump off the ballot. Now, they are trying to keep him off the campaign trail. This has been a sham political trial from the beginning, all because DC Democrats are afraid of LOSING and answering for their failures this November.”

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Gunter: The baseless and corruption (sic) conviction of President Trump marks a dark day for America. 

This sets a perilous precedent, where political adversaries are targeted and silenced through corrupt legal maneuvers. 

Judge Merchan, a biased political operative, must be disbarred and prosecuted. 

We must unite behind President Trump, fight this injustice, and restore integrity to our legal and democratic institutions. 

This November, we reclaim our country.”

Nevada U.S. House district 3 candidate Drew Johnson: “President Trump has been found GUILTY of fraud by a New York court. This is an unfathomable miscarriage of justice. I will continue to proudly stand by his side. In Congress, I will fight the far-left extremists who work to attack Trump and undermine our justice system.”

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