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Bored This Summer? Look No Further Than the Mojave Desert!

Credit: iStock

Mohamed Bughrara

The Mojave Desert, which stretches out from Nevada to southern California, Arizona and Utah is considered to be the hottest desert in the United States. The Mojave Desert is known for its beautiful national parks and extraordinary views. It is also the most visited desert attraction in the US. 

From its galactic stargazing to amazing eco-tours, here are some things you can do as an activity in the Mojave Desert: 

  • Visit Joshua Tree National Park
  • Tour ghost towns (such as Rhyolite, Calico Ghost Town, Cerro Gordo, and Keeler)
  • Explore Archeological Sites
  • Hop on an ATV and go off-roading
  • Water Sports in the Desert! (on Lake Mead)

The National Park Service put it best, “Mojave preserves a diverse mosaic of ecological habitats and a 10,000 year history of human connection with the desert.” Offering extensive opportunities to experience desert landscapes, the preserve promotes understanding and appreciation of the increasingly threatened resources of the Mojave Desert. This remote preserve encourages a sense of discovery and a connection to wild places.”

The Mojave Desert is often alluded to as a “high desert” due to its normal elevation of between 2,000 and 4,000 feet (610 and 1,220m, respectively), but it also holds Death Valley, the lowest point in North America, which is definitely worth putting on your bucket list. So whether you’re native to the area or stopping by to pick up some sun before the fast approaching winter months, make sure to visit the Mojave Desert and enjoy all the attractions!